C.E.S. in Biology and Sports Medicine 

at the Marseille Faculty of Medicine (1981)

University Diploma in Sports Trauma, 

Marseille Faculty of Medicine (1983)

Inter-University Diploma in Manual and 

Orthopedic Medicine, Marseille Faculty of Medicine (1989)

Diploma from the University of Marseille Faculty 

of Medicine in Locomotor Pathology related to sports (1990)

University diploma in Judicial Compensation 

and Award for Bodily Injury (1991)

University Diploma in Physio-Pathology 

as applied to Physical Exercise (1992)

Capacity in Hydrology and Medical Climatology, 

Marseille Faculty of Medicine (1993)

Medical residence at the Valmante Functional

Reeducation Centre (Marseille – 1982 to 1986)

Responsible for treatment at the Regional 

Sports Medicine Centre (PACA) (1982 to 1984)

Lecturer at the Marseille Faculty of Medicine 

(Medical Hydrology and Climatology) (1993 to 1996)

Osteopathic Office at the Résidence des 

Borromées, Marseille (1976 to 1988)

Osteopathic Office at the Center 

Deltaccord SA, Marseille (1986 to 1997)

Osteopathic Office and the INTUMotion 

Clinic, Kingston, Ontario (since 1997)

Osteopathic Office at the Clinique Physio

2000 in Montreal, Québec (since 2000)

Osteopathic Office at the Total Balance

Center, Oakville, Ontario (since 2001)

Osteopathic Office on rue 

Cambon, Paris (since 2001)

Osteopathic Office at the HeartLake 

Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Clinic, Brampton, Ontario (since 2003)

Periodic consultations in various parts 

of the world (USA, England, Australia, Canada, 

West Indies, Jamaica, Belgium, Italy, Morocco, 

Malaysia, Singapore, Poland, etc.) and during 

conferences for over thirty years

Member of several Osteopathic Associations 

(The Osteopathic Register of Canada, The 

Osteopathic Association of Quebec, Register 

National des Osthéopathes de France, The 

Federal European Register of Osteopaths)

Osteopath DO, Ministerial Training 

College, Sheffield (1974)

Diploma from the Academy of Applied 

Sciences for work in Osteopathy and 

physical medicine (1980)

Former MTA student (Robert Bénichou) (1978 to 1980)

Former student of The European School 

of Osteopathy, Maidstone (G.B.) (1978 to 1982)

DO (Distinction) of the Chartered Society 

of Homeopathic and Natural Therapies (1982)

Inter-University Diploma in Manual and 

Orthopedic Medicine from the University of 

Marseilles Faculty of Medicine (1989)

Osteopath DO from the Collège D’Etudes 

Ostéopathiques, Montreal (1999)

Osteopath DO from the Académie 

Sutherland, Montreal (2001)

Director, Collège d’Etudes Supérieures 

en Somatothérapie et Thérapeutiques 

Manuelle, Montreal and Quebec City (since 1997)

Teacher, CEO Montreal; CCO in Toronto; 

and DOK in Munich (1994 to 2000)

Student Teaching Director at the Toronto, 

Montréal and Marseille Sutherland 

Academies (since 2000)

Student Teaching Director at the 

Sutherland Institute, Toronto (2002 to 2003)

Director of Study and Research of the 

Fascia at the ESHF (European School 

in Health and Fitness) N° 93-130-676-613 

(1984 to 2002)

Teacher of Fascial Dissection at the 

Anatomy Department, Queen’s University, 

Kingston, Ontario (sponsored by INTUMotion) 


Professor of CP and fitness DE (1974)

Masters in Diet and Nutrition (1975)

Masso-kinesitherapist DE (1976)

Registered as DEA of Physical Education 

at UFR-STAPS, Poitiers

Doctor of Physical Education 

(London College of Applied Sciences) (1981)

Director of the Borromées Physical 

Reeducation Center (1977 to 1983)

In charge of Functional Reeducation 

and Physical Rehabilitation at the 

Chenaie Diet Clinic (1981 to 1984)

Owner-Manager and Service Provider 

of the Montgrand Omnisport Club (1978 to 1986)

President of the French Physical 

Training Federation (since 1984)

Student Teaching Director of PARAMED 

(N° 93-130-531-813) (1987 to 2001)

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